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Your questions answered…

Will a replacement conservatory roof really improve the temperature in both summer and winter?

In short – Yes. Our WarmerRoof system has a U-Value of 0.14 W/(m2K). This makes it as efficent as a standard insulated roof when it comes to thermal control. You will feel notably cooler in summer and far less heat will escape in winter which will save you £££ on heating bills.

Do I not need planning permission?

Planning permission is not required as this work comes under permitted development however if you live in a conservation area it’s probably worth checking with your local planning officer.

Will my conservatory be darker?

There will be a loss of natural light with a new solid roof however this can be compensated for with roof lights (eg velux windows), internal spot-lights and painting your newly plastered ceiling white. 

do you offer a guarantee?

Yes – we offer an insurance backed installers guarantee of 10 years and both our Tapco and Metrotiles have a product guarantee of 40 years.

will my existing conservatory frame take the weight of a new solid roof?

In 90% of cases we have no problem installing our WarmerRoof system on the existing frame. During our survey we will carefully inspect your frame to ensure it can hold the weight and if we’re in any doubt we will let you know. If we’re not happy with the existing frame we will suggest you either choose not to proceed or consider having the frame replaced.

Will a new conservatory roof add value to my home?

We’re not estate agents or surveyors but having discussed this subject at length with the above professionals it is their opinion that you are likely to add value to your home and increase it’s saleability.

Can I fit a log burner?

Yes it’s possible to fit a log burner but it’s a lot easier and cheaper to make provision for when ordering the roof than trying to retro-fit so please do let us know if you’re planning to have one before you order your roof!

How long does installation take?

We will arrange for a scaffold to be erected prior to the installation. Removal and replacement of your roof typically takes 3 days unless your conservatory is very large then it can take up to 5 days.

Following that we will have a plasterer skim your ceiling which is another day, then our electrician will return if you are having spotlights installed.

We will give you a schedule of works at the start of the job.

Is the roof strong enough to walk on?

Yes – the roof can support the weight of an adult. You will see that if you watch the installation process. But we don’t recommend you getting on the roof without adequate safety precautions taking place and it’s worth noting that some of our tiles can be damaged if stepped on in the wrong place.